Why to Caulk Edmonton Windows and Doors for Energy Efficiency?


Caulking is one of the proven and frequently used methods to seal windows and doors against water, insects and air. It is responsible to equally contribute to interior as well as exterior. Homeowners just have to identify the importance of caulking along with the reason to apply it.

As a matter of fact, caulking is essential to keep the home warm, energy efficient and dry. It is necessary to maintain comfort and peace inside while allow inhabitants to enjoy every minute of the weather. But, there are some homeowners who do not know how to apply it properly. Although they have basic knowledge about why caulking is necessary for their homes, what they lack is to apply the right technique.

So, for such individuals, experts have created a list of how they should apply caulking on Edmonton windows and doors. They just have to follow them and rest assured about the outcomes:

  • Consider temperature change: Needless to say, cold weather has significant effects on caulking. Homeowners should not hire contractors when it is freezing outside because the temperature creates hurdles during the project. Even, humid summers are not ideal for caulking because cracks in the window frames may swell or rot overtime. It is, therefore, recommended to always appoint contractor during warm season when the surrounding conditions are favorable to carry out the project.
  • Prepare the place: The rule of thumb is to prepare inhabitants as well as the area for caulking. Homeowners cannot simply let the workers to start the project. They have to clear and dry the rooms before proceeding. If Edmonton windows and doors already have caulking, it must be removed with a sharp/pointed tool. Homeowners should check this one out before carrying out another caulking project.
  • Wisely choose the caulk: While looking for caulking, homeowners can either go for acrylic or silicone to avoid future problems. Acrylic is usually not recommended because it shrinks, leaves cracks open and lets air to seep through. Homeowners have to apply caulk regularly in order to avoid further damages. So, it’s better to choose silicone as it is perfect to protect Edmonton windows and doors.
  • Know the right technique: The key to apply caulking properly is to hold the gun in the right way. When homeowners want to fill cracks to resist air bubbles and fill cracks smoothly, experts suggest to position the gun at around 45-degree angle. Once started, don’t stop in-between the project and continue until caulking is done at one side.
  • Crack filling: If caulking is not done properly, it would be useless from every aspect. What homeowners should do is to make sure that new caulking fill the cracks efficiently from both sides. Use a putty knife to direct the material to the gap.
  • Use tools: To be honest, homeowners need more tools than a gun. To fill big gaps, use a backer rod before caulking while use a putty knife to clean mess and extra material. For the required smoothness, use fingers and make sure the area is neat.
  • Keep the gun safe: After caulking doors and windows Edmonton, the last step is to cover the end of caulking gun in order to keep it in good condition.

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